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Holidays 2007
Have a very Merry Christmas
Ron and Nancy


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Dick & Ginny Lhamon
     Since we have been very busy these last few weeks, I have decided to email our Christmas letter instead of mailing it, as time is not good for me right now.  The past year of 2007 has been a busy year and we are still river-rats and will be living here for some time.
     In January we went to Tipp-City vs Dayton-Dunbar basketball game, our grand-son, Kyle Corbin played the game of his life.   There were 8,000 people there at the Nutter Center @ Wright State Univ.  Kyle scored 25 points and they won the game…5,000 people were from Tipp City…Tipp went on to a 25-0 season…Everyone around me knew I was Kyle’s grandmother…
     Ann Marie Wiechart is a senior @ Miami of Ohio and she already has a job in Chicago….She will have a business and accounting degree….good luck to Ann…Ann is our oldest grand-child and has grown into a beautiful young lady..
     Krista Corbin is a junior @ Bowling Green and doing very well… She is going tobe a pre-school teacher and gets along very well with children…She is a devoted sisterand attends as many games as she can…good luck to Krista….Krista went to thegame on saturday up north.....she helped cheer on the buckeyes..good job Krista....
     Kyle Corbin is a senior @ Tipp City and wants to play basketball not football as some people think he should play.  He loves both sports,  but chose to play basketball… He is a great student and will be an asset for any college.  good luck to Kyle
     Mary Beth Wiechart is a senior @ Lima Central Catholic and wants to be a dentist.  She is checking out colleges and wish her luck where ever she goes…She is going to be the doll in the NutCracker  in December,  can’t wait to see her dance…she plays golf and I got to see her play at the Auglaize Country Club, just a few miles from us and she did very well…..good luck to Mary..
     Emily Lhamon is a junior @ Perry High School,  she plays volleyball and is active in 4-H and raising chickens, rabbits and whatever happens to be in the barn.  She was the 2006 Poultry Queen @ the fair and I was able to see her in the parade in downtown Lima.  She has been helping her dad judge chicken shows and she loves doing that…good luck to Emily….Emily wants to be a vet as well as Elise,  does this family love animals or what.....got this from her dad and grandpa Dick....
    Elise Wiechart is an 8th grader @ Lima St. Charles and wants to be a vet,  good luck to Elise , she also loves animals like cousin Emily….Elise plays soccer and keeps busy with many school projects….Elise is a good student and loves to make people smile…..she rides horses and loves all animals.....
      That’s the news on our grand- children….they all love reading my Christmas letter to see what I am going to say about them….they are all special to us and we love them very much.     I have a painted plaque with Patti Smith's beautiful painted picture of pink roses and it says, “ Mothering is a necessity----but Grand-mothering is a luxury of life”   love it,,, sitting beside our six grand children's pictures......
     Last March we decide to sell our house and move to Lima, to be closer to the
children, had the house sold and then the buyer could not get the loan & wanted
us to give him more time....we said no way.... we are not moving in the winter,
we signed a form on November 10th. To release us from the offer...now I am spending much time putting things away as I had packed every room and we have a lot of stuff...I am doing spring cleaning in November.
     Our beloved buckeyes came thru with an important win over that team up North..good luck to them in the bowl game...wherever it may be...I will be rooting for them always...we went down to 5-span and watched the game on big screen...
everyone brought food in and we had a good time....Emily came up and went down with us and spent the night..... my friend Karen and Emily had a great time....
cheering on the bucks.
     We had a family reunion in June at the park in Ottawa,Ohio...It is a very nice
park with a pool and lots for the kids to do, everyone made it home except for
sister Patti and her family ....we missed them.... my kids all showed up and so
did lots of our cousins.....so probably about 95 people were there at the Lee
reunion.....Bette from Ca. stayed with Dick and I... it was fun to have her here.
she is the baby of our family.....we have 7 girls and 4 boys...our oldest brother
Jim is deceased...
     I see where they are  planning our class reunion...seems like we just went to one....August 7th and 8th, the 7th will be our 55th anniversary.....2009......always good to see all the classmates and visit with them....
     Our family all met at our daughter Cathy's house on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving and had a very nice meal, it was good to see everyone together and enjoy talking and having a good time...Most everyone stayed all night and then we left on Thursday morning to come back to the river...We will spend Christmas eve at Matt's house this year and come home on Christmas day....Matt's b'day is Christmas eve and Mary Beth's is Christmas day.....
From the river we wish all of you the best of holidays and please keep in touch...
Our address is and will be for some time: 11657 Rd. 179 Oakwood,Ohio  45873
new email address is: ginny54@tds.net      
finally got high-speed...luv it.
Love to all of you,  Dick & Ginny Lhamon




Happy New Year to All
Lee Dally Martz


Merry Christmas and a late Happy Hanukkah to the classmates of  '54 where ever you find yourselves for the holidays.   We hear the song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" but are hoping for clear weather as we drive to Columbus (OH) to celebrate the time with our kids and grand kids.  Tues. evening Carolyn Detrick and I are joining in on the celebration of Miriam's wedding.  We wish them well with many years of happiness together.  

Happy New Year!!  

Martha Jo Backstrom     


First chance I get I will send photos I took at the reunion...
Happy holidays to you and yours.
God Bless you All

please use our new e-mail address


Many, many thanks for this website.  Wishing all A Very Merry Christmas and an Especially Happy New Year  -- and giving thanks for the miraculous recovery of my husband after the accident which kept us away from the reunion.  Will check in again early in 2005.  

Judy Yingling Giffin  


Greetings from Jim and Marilyn Thomas Hathaway


Mariam Archer Nungester's Christmas Wedding


The wedding is Tuesday, Dec. 21 at 7:30 PM at the Shawnee Church of Christ at the corner of S. Dixie Hwy. and Jo Jean Rd., just south of the Bargain Center.  Would love to see our classmates.  Several have told me they're coming.  Roy Rardin is my husband-to-be; I've known this wonderful man for several years, as we attend the church together.  Gil always admired him for the way he faithfully cared for his invalid wife while she was still alive.  It has been a real miracle to see the way God has orchestrated all this!
Have a blessed Christmas.  I'm waiting now for my son and his wife to get here from Haiti.  They have just landed in Detroit and should be on their way to Lima, now. Will send pics when they are available.  

Love & Prayers, Miriam


At this time of the year ones heart is filled with a lot of joys and blessings.  Wishing each of you joy filled holidays and may 2005 bring each of us health and happiness.  
My thanks to Rollie and Carol Smith 
for the wonderful website, a great way to keep 
in touch with each other.
                                                    Ed Wallen


Hope everyone of our class has a holiday season filled with good health and much joy.  It was so much fun to see you all at the reunion. 
This year my thought for the season is:   
                                        And what does the LORD require of you
                                        but to do justice, to love kindness,
                                        and to walk humbly with your God?
                                                                                          Micah 6:6:8
Sue Weisenbarger Kelly


Please extend Nancy and my best wishes for the holidays to the class.  
Hope you and Carol have a Merry Christmas 
and Happy New Year.
Ron and Nancy Gordon Cook


Hanging out in Toledo this winter as John had rotator cuff surgery 
5 weeks ago and we cannot go south until he goes through physical therapy - hope to get away for awhile in March & April. 
We head to Raleigh, NC on the 23rd to spend Christmas with our son and family.  Hope the snow stays away until we get out of town.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
John & Mary Rossfeld Wolfe


Merry Christmas to All

from e-mails received from

Shirley Nutter Crocket

Nancy Jo Smith Greer

Sally Schoenlein Lepp

Jane McRitchie Miller


Celebrating 50 years
This Photograph was taken in July of 2004, at the City Park  
in Lima for our 50th Wedding anniversary gift 
from our children.  It was a perfect gift for us as we received 
many pictures taken that evening. This framed photograph 
now hangs above our fireplace.








      rollie and carol smith



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