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Fun Photos from the Past

More pics from the "shoebox" rks

...then there was the jitterbug

detail of above


the bunny hop...hop...hop

What Classroom?

Remember the lady in the middle at the "Y" and certainly the young lady on the left

A beat up '39 Ford and a new high school being built....in 1955

Pictures from Richie Potter
"First dance"...Richie, Judy Yingling, Mary Rossfeld and Bill Bishop
"Drama class"....Sandy Burke, Ruth Chiles, English teacher and Barb Jones
Top Row: Dick Cotner, Bob ?, ?.
CHS Chef's Club for 7th grader's.
A fun and fattening time had by all the boys, note Richie's double chin.
Top Row: Dick Cotner, Bob ?, ?.
Middle Row: Bob Ludwig, ?, Theda Hankish, head chef, ?, Tom Brown

Bottom row: Larry Harman, Claude Courtney?, Tom Huntress, Richie Potter.
Sue Weisenbarger in the 7th Grade.
Sue Weisenbarger in the 7th Grade.
Future Congresswoman Sue Kelly relaxing by the fireplace enjoying a
comic book.  A "Wonderwoman" comic book, as Richie remembers!
                                                                         more to come...

click on thumbnail pics below to enlarge


This I believe is the meeting of the second Reunion Committee taken in 1963.
1st row: Joan Shaffer Connally, Betty Pritchard Grubaugh, Tom Burkholder, Carolyn Redd Detrick                       early2.jpg (62114 bytes)
1st row: Joan Shaffer Connally, Betty Pritchard Grubaugh, Tom Burkholder, Carolyn Redd Detrick
2nd row:  Dave Baumgarder, Dick Lhamon, Nancy Guy Shiek, Irene Shappell Burkholder, Nancy Gordon Case, John Shiek son of Nancy Shiek, Judy Miller Huston , Mary Rossfeld Wolfe, Shirley Lambert Daley, Ginny Lee Lhamon, Judy Knisley Burns.
Standing:  Jerry Hauenstein, Toby Fields, Wally Maurer.


Irving School Classmates

                        from Ginny Lee Lhamon
1st row, left to right: David Baumgardner, Meredith Britt, Virginia Lee, Carolyn Redd, Vondalee Ambler, Janis Rumbaugh, Norma Mohler, Phillis Scholl, Marilyn Mordy, Shirley Brown, Philip Hefner.
2nd row, left to right: Judy Miller, Marlene Maxwell, Dean Conner, Tom Fisher, Tom Huntress, Bill Truesdale, Robert Brown, Bob Montauge, Everett Dicus, Wilmer Staats, Walter Thomas, Margaret Wollet, Janey
Back row: Mr. Ross & Mrs. Stoner
Mill McClellan’s Sixth Grade Class – Irving School – W. Grand Ave.



john h.jpg (171598 bytes)
Flying John Henderson 


At the YWCA...but what's going on?
from the right...Nancy Randall, Joan Shepard, Sally Hornberger, Shirley Nutter,  Irene Shapell, Janet McAlpine
in background l to r  Wayne Baughman and Don Snook


Dick Shope and Nancy Gordon


Kay May, Larry Mervis, Irene Shappell, Nancy Gordon, Dick Shope
others in the photo Judy Miller, Nancy Guy, Carolyn Redd, Cora Pelfrey, 


who, Mary Rossfeld, who, Nancy Randall, Martha Jo Davis, Shirley Lambert, Sue Weisenbarger, 
Donna Parsel,  PK Edwards, and in the center Barbara Jones


I found the above pictures (among lots of others) in a old shoebox after the reunion
and thought that maybe there are others that would enjoy them 
as much as I did upon seeing them.
I imagine you have some fun photos involving members of the Class of '54
that possibly you would like to share with the class.
Look through your "stuff" and send me the photo or a copy or a photo file by e-mail 
and I will post it or them with whatever caption you'd like.
By the way a couple of these photos need a captions... 
so send me your thoughts..


Photos received from Ginny 9/15/04 
Roberta Hume, Carol Guyton, Shirley Tyre, Virgina Lee, Donna Parsel
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